3303 DNC Cotton Drill Belt Loops Shorts

Brand: DNC

DNC Cotton Drill Belt Loops Shorts ( 3303 )

Heavyweight 311gsm cotton drill, pleat front

DNC garments are tested for UPF (ultraviolet factor) in accordance with AS/NZS4399:1997. The level of protection varies depending on the fabric & colour of the garment. This logo indicated the UPF rating are for very good/excellent protection.DNC has an extensive 100% cotton range for a natural feeling garment with snti-static feature.The latest technology is used in the production of DNC carbon grid anti-static jacket and pants, complies BS5958.2-1991). DNC cotton garments containing no metal buttons or zippers are also classified under DNC anti-static.Environmentally Friendly Green DyeElectrical Protection

Colour: Navy only

Sizes: 77R - 132R